Why Businesses Hire Us

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Save Your Money and Reputation

  • Incorporate Us Into Your Employee Response Procedure to address conflict quickly and fairly.

  • We Train Your Workforce with the Communication Skills to manage and resolve disagreements.

  • Lower your Employment Practices Liability Insurance by hiring us as an outside ombuds to provide structured support for employees.


We Offer More Than the Competition:

Confidentiality. Responsiveness. Expertise.

Non-Profits offer mediation services, but can’t offer complete confidentiality. Certain topics must be reported. They also leverage volunteers, lengthening response time for a crisis.

Coaching Apps connect with employees directly, but they passively help individuals, rely solely on reported information and can’t handle team disputes.

AAA, JAMS, and Court Mediators are well trained and experienced but only become involved once a lawsuit is filed. They’re trained to settle cases, rather than prevent them.

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a la Carte and Subscription Services

Monthly subscribers get exclusive access to

  • interactive webinars;

  • in-house cultural events;

  • our annual management training; and

  • special rates for speakers in our network of nationally recognized experts.