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Congratulations! Someone who wants to help you has sent you to our private VIP referral page!

By completely filling out and submitting the form below, you will be given priority scheduling to meet with our Firm. You will also receive additional time on your initial consultation, and our staff can extend their hours to meet with you later if scheduling during regular business hours is difficult for you.

Because we only give this VIP submission site to our preferred referral partners and clients, someone we trust has already vouched for you, and in turn we want to make you a priority.

Benefits for VIP Referrals

  • Additional Time for your consultation: 
    We'll have more time to talk about what you need.
  • Access to extended hours: 
    Our normal business hours are 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m. VIPs get access to extended hours so that the appointments can better fit your schedule.
  • Free access to our local lawyer network: 
    No more calling one of those “lawyer referral companies” and getting a random anonymous lawyer. If it’s not a legal matter we handle, we will refer you to an experienced attorney who can help you.



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