*Special Winter Offer* Conflict Coaching Gift Certificate

*Special Winter Offer* Conflict Coaching Gift Certificate

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Are you dealing with an intense conflict? Harassment at work? Tension from your recent promotion? Family issues? Maybe a friendship is on the line? Whatever the issue, is it so bad you can’t sleep at night?

Give yourself the opportunity to be heard, to connect the dots, and to find solutions.

Get peace of mind! 

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process to help you, your friend, or loved one express your story, understand the personal impact, and identify a path forward. We talk about how the issue has impacted you emotionally, how it’s tied to your sense of who you are, and what power dynamics are at play. Once we get a full 360 view of the past and the present, we can create more effective solutions.

Clients receive homework between sessions, so that our time together is optimized.

This Gift Certificate is good for one conflict coaching session, lasting 2 hours.

Gift certificates are limited to 4 per person.

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Conflict Coaching and Executive Coaching are one-on-one processes to help a party express their story, analyze their situation from the self and others' perspective, understand why the conflict has such a deep impact, identify how they want to move forward, and develop specific skills to get them there.

Conflict Coaching and Executive Coaching are offered in 2 hour sessions. Usually, only 2-4 sessions are needed to help an individual work through this four-step process. It is also a great pre-mediation tool as it helps the party crystallize what behaviors they find troubling, why, and what they want to happen.

Coaching is available via Skype for those outside of the New York City area.