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Powerlifting Captain, Ginelle Wynter interviewed Genesis in June, 2017. Go to the MoC Facebook page for the original posting.


Name: Genesis Fisher

Hometown? Covington, KY.

How long has she been at MoC? 3 years!


When she isn’t lifting, she is…

A criminal defense lawyer at her own practice. She is also a workplace dispute wizard, and offers one-on-one coaching, training and meditation to employees to foster a healthy work environment. She also enjoys crafting (some pretty dope) industrial furniture pieces and watching a good scary movie, including the latest Alien film. She loves Ridley Scott for his attention to detail in film, and John Carpenter, the man behind that creepy Halloween score that plays in all of your bad dreams.


Her favorite thing about Brooklyn?

She first moved to Brooklyn in 2003. Growing up in Covington, she says she had limited exposure to minorities, homosexuality, and gender non-conformity. She enjoys the culture and diversity found in Brooklyn.


What brought Genesis to lifting?

She’s always enjoyed being strong. Growing up, she would work on push-ups during commercial breaks, and every few years she likes to set new goals. She enjoyed Crossfit back at 800 but knew that she would never compete in the sport, so looking to mix things up, she moved on to powerlifting.


What is her platform persona when going for a heavy lift?

She turns on her favorite pump up song and gets quiet and really focused on the technique. She gets good energy from cheering, but tries not to let it pull her away from her focus. And then she goes for it.


Her proudest accomplishments at the gym are...

2 years ago, she hit her first double under, and these days you can catch her powering through them consecutively, with ease. On the barbell, she’s most proud of the 330 deadlift she hit last summer. For her, it signaled surpassing a mental breaking point and she says it felt good to do the unknown.


What motivates Genesis to push through a heavy set/long plateau?

She says frankly “I don’t want to disappoint myself.” But sometimes she can’t push through, gets frustrated and has a meltdown. But in those instances, she’ll break up big sets and get the work done.


Her favorite recovery meal is…

Nachos! She love Gueros nachos, with picadillo and guacamole, in place of the avocado slices. She adds that, because it’s a super salty meal, it’s only right to pair it with a margarita.


A really fun fact about Genesis:

Her favorite pump up song is “Heart on Fire” from Rocky 4, with the Russian. It’s her go to during competition and for big lifts. She even pictures the montage from the movie and recalls specific images as she moves through a big lift. She also loves the actors in real life because they’re both really smart guys. She loves all things 80s movie montage.