Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict has a way of taking over your life. You wake at 3am in a panic, worried about that co-worker who's been harassing you or reeling from an argument with your spouse or family member. Fisher Law provides the space and support to help folks deal with these hostilities and figure out a way to move forward. We're hired by individuals, couples, families, and companies who want to get to the root of the conflict so they can find solutions that fit their needs. Try mediation or one-on-one coaching. It works!

Fisher Law focuses on "transformative" mediation which places an emphasis on individual empowerment, recognition and empathy for the other’s point of view, and self-determination about the terms of any agreement.

Mediation is a confidential process where peoples come together with a facilitator to discuss their differences. The result could be an agreement (written or oral), an apology or just a deeper understanding about the conflict and what happened.

The process enables people to address issues quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional legal process. But more than monetary savings, mediation is a valuable tool to help people feel heard and find a common ground.



Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training teaches people to build empathy and better communicate with their peers. Fisher Law provides Conflict Resolution Training sessions to schools and businesses.

In schools, Fisher Law's Conflict Resolution Training teaches students to build empathy and better communicate with their peers, and empowers staff to better understand and manage conflict with their colleagues and students. We also facilitate campus dialogues after troubling campus events like harassment and hate crimes.

Training sessions include:

  • Understanding and Managing Conflict I (3.5 hours):
    Discussions include contextualizing conflict, identifying and addressing a person's true "interest" or motivation, understanding different approaches to conflict, basic conflict de-escalation tools, and customized small group role plays.

  • Understanding + Managing Conflict II

  • Moving Up and Looking Forward:
    A 3-day training for New Managers to Be Their Best (with Black/White/Gray Consulting)

  • 3, 2, 1, Context:
    How Identity and History Impact What We See In A Conflict.

  • Check (in with) Yourself:
    A Diagnostic Tool to Be Your Best for Service Providers and Mediators

  • Team-Building:
    1/2 day or full day



Mediation Services

Sometimes the damage is done, and you needs help. Fisher Law provides a la carte conflict resolution services, like  one-on-one conflict coaching, mediation, and conflict de-escalation training. We can even be a  regular presence in your office, coming in once a month to provide your staff with reliable support.  We help your employees to clear the air, listen to one another, and develop satisfying solutions that  fit their needs. And we help you avoid costly, disruptive and embarrassing lawsuits.

Fisher Law provides regular, scheduled onsite services (including team facilitation, mediation and conflict coaching), scheduled offsite services at our office near Wall Street, and even quick response, emergency sessions for urgent matters.

We Can Help With These Common Issues: 

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Allegations of Racial, Sexual, or LGBT Slurs

  • Team Dysfunction

  • Poor Conflict Communication Skills

  • Allegations of Racial, Gender, Disability or LGBT Bias

  • Harassment

  • And We Can Help an Employee Figure Out a Personal Issue That's Affecting Their Work Performance