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Family Law

A separation or divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever have in your life. It has long-lasting effects and impacts every single aspect of your life. 

  • You might be feeling powerless, scared and unsure of what’s coming next.

  • You’re worried sick over how this is going to affect your children.

  • You’re concerned about your financial future.

We work collaboratively to create mutually beneficial agreements. When the collaborative approach fails, we have the courtroom and trial experience to pursue all of your options.

We help with:

  • Legal Separation and Divorce

  • Family and Sibling Mediation

  • Child Custody and Parenting Agreements

  • Temporary Orders

  • Enforcement of Court Orders

Thank you so much, Ms. Fisher. When we started, I was so angry that didn’t think this [custody and visitation mediation] was ever going to work out...But it’s all for our daughter. And now I’m proud of what we put together.
— Anderson

This was more emotional than I thought it would be; the uncertainty was keeping me up at night. Thank you for helping us create something ethical and fair...a weight has been lifted.
— Startup Founder

Business Co-Founder Agreements

Entreprenuers form startups with the people they trust; friends, former classmates, and family. They write a business plan, bylaws, and file the necessary paperwork with the state. But many fail to create a Co-Founder Agreement because they want to avoid difficult conversations. Like whether the partners are truly equal.

Co-Founder Agreements discuss such subjects as ownership percentages, vesting schedules, non-disclosure agreements, who can profit from the company’s intellectual property, and even what happens if one founder wants to leave.

We use a mediation approach, encouraging discussion in a no-judgement zone. By creating an agreement, co-founders articulate their expectations for a division of labor, how they communicate, and their vision for how the company will grow.

Hello Genesis, I just wanted to thank you for the help you and your firm provided to me in one of my darkest days of my life...You helped keep my privacy, which was very important to me and you kept me on task with my responsibilities to ensure I got the financial benefits I deserved... I thank you for your diligent work.
— I.J.