Get Your Conflict Resolution Toolkit for the Workplace

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Tough time at work? It’s time for a change.

We spend more time at work than we do at home. And our colleagues can become a second family. You’re here because you want effectively communicate with them and avoid conflict.

We’re human, so disagreements are inevitable. At times those disagreements can fester and erupt into full disputes. With no structured support, people feel frustrated, angry, even isolated. Their work suffers, their team suffers. The fallout can be missed deadlines, toxic atmosphere, lawsuits, and a loss of significant time and resources. 

Conflict will happen; we want you to have the tools for address it. With the Conflict Resolution Toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for tough conversations with a supervisor;

  • How re-framing can completely change a situation;

  • How to deal with a nasty office email;

  • How to effectively communicate as a boss;

  • and much more!

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“Conflict resolution is an important skill set that can be used in every walk of life... I have taken [conflict resolution training] before but this was a great version. A privilege.”
— Americorps National Leadership Conference.