Domestic Workers

Domestic Worker Employment Agreements


Domestic workers and their clients employers have a workplace relationship that requires professionalism, respect, and some degree of emotional connection. The cornerstone is trust. For these reasons, misunderstandings and conflicts may feel more personal for both parties.

In forging an agreement, the workers, employers and mediator get together and thoroughly discuss issues around work style, scheduling, hours, communication, pay and benefits. Once the general terms are agreed upon, we'll do some reality testing. That is, we'll talk through some common real-world misunderstandings to tease out and fix ambiguous terms.

The process is confidential.

Domestic Worker Mediation

At times, employers and domestic workers need a facilitator to help break through an impasse, discuss an incident, or to write a severance arrangement. Some employers pay their workers in cash and therefor prefer the confidential and collaborative mediation process over a more litigious route.

The process is confidential.