Fisher Law Practice helps people fight their case, stay out of jail and avoid a criminal record.

Types of Cases:

  • Summons Tickets (Including Park and MTA infractions, Suspended licenses, and Open containers).

  • Misdemeanors (Including Harassment, DWI, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence, and Petit Larceny).

  • Felonies (Including Burglary, Felony Assault, Drug Sales, Robbery, and Possession of a Weapon).


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We keep you in the loop.

  • We talk you through the pros and cons of your case.

  • We walk you through each step of the process.

  • We make sure you stay informed about all of your options.


We get results.

  • Our first goal is always a quick dismissal.

  • If we cant get a dismissal, then we fight to keep your record clean.

  • People shouldn't go to jail just for making a mistake. We push for community service, programs, or restitution.


We help you put your life back on track.

  • We'll connect you with specialists from our trusted referral network.

    • Need an immigration, family law or employment attorney? What about an auto repair shop or even a physical therapist? We know the best and we'll connect you with them so you can get the help you need.


Want to Hear About Winning Cases?

Over the years, I have represented thousands of clients and assisted with hundreds more.

People v. McLaren: Charged with Possession of Gun. Police officers responded to a 911 call alleging there was a violent brawl in an apartment. After arriving on the scene, an officer claims he found a gun in Mr. McLaren's bedroom. I argued the officer had no legal right to be in his room and the gun should be thrown out. The Judge agreed. Case dismissed.

People v. Romo: Charged with Attempted Assault of a Police Officer. Mr. Romo was accused of trying to punch a police officer to get out of a drug arrest. After my thorough cross examination, it was clear that the cops' stories were inconsistent and implausible. Full acquittal.

People v. Carrasco: Charged with a DWI. At a pre-trial hearing, I convinced the Judge that the bottles of beer found in the car should be thrown out because the police did not follow proper procedure. During the trial, I tore apart the prosecutor's arguments and got the Judge to agree to a trial order of dismissal. That means the Judge acquitted my client before the trial was even finished.

People v. Perkins: Double Shooting. Mr Perkins was accused of shooting two youths in broad daylight. I was the second attorney on the case. I cross examined key witnesses, including a shooting victim and the Supervising Prosecutor who offered a deal to get the star witness to testify. Full acquittal.

People v. Mays: Charged with a DWI. A sympathetic case where an elderly client crashed into a church and sent a pedestrian to the hospital with a broken leg. My advocacy led to a creative plea deal; the client plead guilty to a mere traffic infraction (i.e. no criminal record) and agreed to stop driving. 

People v. Bowers: Charged with Burglary, Arson and Attempted Felony Assault. Mr. Bowers was charged with several felonies for breaking into his ex girlfriend's apartment, assaulting her, trashing the place, and trying to set it on fire. He was facing over 20 years in prison. Through my advocacy, we were able to convince the Judge and Prosecutor that Mr. Bowers' mental health and alcohol abuse were to blame. After completing a 1 year program, he walked away with a misdemeanor trespass conviction and probation. He was able to find work and get his life back on track.