Conflict Resolution Training. 


Training sessions include:

Basic Conflict Skills Training Part 1 (1 hour): A framework for how to think about conflict with a brief introduction to conflict de-escalation tools.

Basic Conflict Skills Training Part 2 (1 hour): A quick review of part 1, discussion of different approaches to conflict, followed by a fun educational competition.

Basic Conflict De-Escalation Skills Training (3.5 hours): Discussions include contextualizing conflict, identifying and addressing a person's true "interest" or motivation, understanding different approaches to conflict, basic conflict de-escalation tools, and customized small group role plays.

We can also customize the training program for your workforce. 

Trivia! Start a Dialogue and Have Fun.

FLP trivia night.jpg

Put a new spin on your company's enrichment program with trivia!

These fun cultural events can be offered during lunch, after work, even as lighthearted competitions at conferences! Your staff will learn about history, explore fun facts, and talk about issues of diversity in a low stress, friendly atmosphere.

Trivia is fun, interactive, and not at all preachy. We currently offer Black History Month and Women's History Month trivia. We can also create a custom trivia event for a specific identity or cultural group, even one for your business' history!