Why workplace conflict resolution? To help people like Rene...

1 hour every weekday. 5 hours a week. Roughly 250 hours each year.

That's how much time Rene loses with her kids every year.

Rene leaves home at 6:00 a.m., when it's still dark and her two children are sleeping. She gets to work hours before others on her team so that she can work in peace.

Come 9:00 am, when the office starts to bustle, stress also creeps in. Rene is one of a handful of women at her the engineering firm. Comments about about her body, the constant interruptions during her presentations, being told to "chill out" when she objects to sexist jokes, watching men with less experience skip over her and get the choice offices. Rene puts up with this sexist environment because she uses every spare moment to learn and grow professionally. Despite her positive disposition, it wears on her.

This brings us to the 250 hours a year.

When Rene gets home from work around 6pm, she's in a tough headspace. Angry, frustrated, and emotionally drained, she's an exhausted shell of herself. She needs to spend an hour alone in her room, to recover and be her best self. Time to take off the armor and get rid of the negative energy. At 7pm, she emerges from her room with the smile. She has just over an hour to spend with her 3 year old before bedtime and her teenager (now free of babysitting responsibilities) is catching up on homework.

Rene's story isn't an anomaly. Many people wade through caustic work environments and spend their free time recovering and missing out what's most important to them. But what would it look like if they didn't have to decide between recovering from work and family time? What would it look like if Rene worked in a respectful environment and came home with smile on her face? She'd get that 250 hours back.

I started Fisher Law Practice to help people like Rene. We provide the space and support to help folks process their workplace experience and figure out a way to move forward. We're hired by a range individuals, organizations, and businesses with one thing in common: a desire for a respectful, communicative workplace that allows employees to excel.

Want​ ​a​ ​Better​ ​Work​ ​Experience?  Learn from the ​Golden​ ​Girls!

Want​ ​a​ ​Better​ ​Work​ ​Experience? Learn from the ​Golden​ ​Girls!

20 years old, tall, strong, and crying so hard he couldn't speak.