Businesses and Organizations Benefit by Providing Conflict Coaching to Employees

Conflict Coaching helps businesses retain talented employees while saving money.

Let's face it. It takes months to find employees that are just the right match for your workplace. The perfect mixture of intelligence, humor, and drive. The kind of employee that makes your clients happy and your company look good. What happens when these employees leave because of unresolved problems in the workplace, a verbally abusive manager, or even personal problems that spilled into their time on the clock?

It costs an organization tens of thousands of dollars to replace just one employee. But the value of that employee and the connections he/she/they established is worth many times that amount.

Individual coaching helps businesses and organizations keep talented employees by containing disruptive incidents, enabling the worker to generate ideas for solutions, and side-stepping costly litigation.

Conflict Coaching helps contain disruptive incidents and minimize impact on staff.

Conflict Coaching provides a support system to help employees process stressful situations or incidents. By exploring what happened from multiple perspectives and digging deep into issues of power and identity, employees gain a better understanding of what was troubling to them, why, and what they need to move forward. By providing a safe and confidential space for the employee to think through their needs, coaching can keep an incident private long enough for the parties involved to develop a satisfying solution.

Conflict Coaching can help save money on costly litigation.

I've talked with people who feel marginalized in the workplace. Gay men who overhear graphic, offensive jokes near their cubicle. Attorneys of color who are repeatedly mistaken for administrative staff and asked to make copies or get coffee. Women who see choice offices handed to men who have both less experience and less responsibility. Left untreated, each of these has the potential to build into a hostile work environment. And we know that can be costly.

The one size fits all response is company-wide sensitivity training. It's a start. but that top-down approach doesn't always help the people on the ground and may call even more attention to the "whistleblower." Better to offer individual, confidential counseling first, so that the employee can think through solutions they believe could work and identify what they need to heal.

Want to be in the forefront of worker satisfaction and worker retention? Want to avoid spending precious capital on litigation? Respond to a complaint by offering personalized support and implementing solutions created by the aggrieved parties.

Individual conflict coaching helps businesses keep talented employees, contain disruptive incidents, and ultimately, save money.

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