Want​ ​a​ ​Better​ ​Work​ ​Experience?  Learn from the ​Golden​ ​Girls!

Want​ ​a​ ​Better​ ​Work​ ​Experience? Learn from the ​Golden​ ​Girls!

Everyone knows that I am obsessed with the Golden Girls. These ladies have been a part of my life for decades. They tackled a lot of issues before their time; lgbt marriage rights, HIV/AIDS, non-traditional families, addiction to painkillers, etc.

These four ladies from Miami also gave us valuable tips for a better work environment.

10 Tips for a Better Workplace From the Golden Girls

10.    Be brave like Rose: If you feel that your age, gender or race is keeping you from a promotion, speak up. You can start small, by talking to a friend.

9.     Remember Dorothy’s gambling problem? If you’re struggling with a situation that’s out of control and impacting your work (like addiction), get help. One-on one conflict coaching, therapy, AA, whatever works.

8.     As a teacher, Dorothy’s nickname was “Attila the Sub.” And she loved it! How would your co-workers describe you? Do a brief reflection about the persona you project in the office. Does it fit with your goals and values?

7.     If you don’t get along with a co-worker, you don’t have to storm away and quit. That’s best left for Blanche. You have options, including mediation.

6.     Picture it: A village idiot with a hearing problem misunderstands his doctor. He puts ear salve on linguine rather than in his ear. And that’s how Pesto was born! But miscommunication rarely has such tasty results. One active listening tool is reflecting back. Like a mirror, you repeat back what you heard to make sure you’re on the same page. Simple and effective.

5.     Rose drove her roommates mad when she worked as a grief counselor. Clients called at night and even stopped by her home! Set clear boundaries around your work. Your choices impact the people you care about.

4.     Don’t get Mario Lopez deported like Dorothy! Make sure your conversations and emails protect others’ privacy. Don’t inadvertently “out” a gay or undocumented colleague.

3.     Feel stuck on a project? Try a slice of cheesecake to spark your creative side.

2.     You might be on a team with folks you don’t like, but keep an open mind. Once you get to know them, hilarity and hijinks may ensue.

1.     Communication saves the day! (The wicker couch is optional.)

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Issues of Identity (Race/Gender/Disability/LGBT) Are Important, But Might Not Always Be Central.

Issues of Identity (Race/Gender/Disability/LGBT) Are Important, But Might Not Always Be Central.

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