A Deeper Dive: The Non-Profit Partnership Program

New York City’s non-profit and public interest community provides an incredible breadth of services, attempting to meet the complicated and diverse needs of New Yorkers. Now, there’s another chance to be in front of the pack, by creating groundbreaking support services for  employees to improve employee engagement, experience, and retention. Your organization should create and institute an alternative dispute resolution program for employees that provides access to mediation and conflict coaching services.

I will work with your organization to provide presentations, mediation and conflict coaching for the staff. Ideally, we would create a schedule where I would be in your central office at least 1x a month for scheduled conflict coaching and mediation. My available on-site dates would be advertised to the staff at least a month in advance. An online scheduling tool would enable employees to make appointments yet maintain confidentiality.

If the conflict is urgent, the party or management could contact me directly for a special expedited session. These would take place where the person felt most comfortable (either in their office or at my private office).

My services are only one part of this human resources equation. In order to implement this program, your office will need to consider the following:

  1. Will the program be offered in-house or as an external referral system?

  2. Are internal waivers necessary for employees and if so, what should they include?

  3. How can confidentiality be safeguarded?

  4. What will be the organization’s position on reporting the names or content of sessions?

  5. What usage reporting will be necessary for accounting purposes?

  6. If your organization has more than one office, will the services be centrally offered or available on-site at each office?

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