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"She is amazing!! Ms. Genesis was thoughtful, thorough, and timely, with an extremely sensitive topic. She showed great compassion and flexibility with what was requested of her and went above and beyond with her services. I would highly recommend her for any future mediation needs. She is rooted in social justice principles and committed to finding solutions. We couldn't find a better person for the job." Anonymous consulting client, Executive Board Member of her organization.       Read More...

Individuals and Couples

Conflict has a way of taking over your life. You wake in a panic, worried about that co-worker who's been harassing you or reeling from an argument with your spouse or family member.

We help people get to the root of work and family conflict to find solutions that fit their needs

Businesses and Organizations

Does this sound familiar?

  • An email chain about a holiday party suddenly becomes a heated discussion about race.

  • A supervisor comes in hours late every day, causing complaints from her team and clients.

  • After a late night in the office, one co-worker accuses another of sexual harassment.

You know what's next: grievances, firings, lawsuits, and a significant loss of money and time. Wasting resources to find replacements. And heavy damage to your reputation.

We help businesses retain talented employees and avoid costly lawsuits by addressing workplace disputes and dysfunction.

Yes, you can help your team AND save money.

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