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Fisher Law Practice, P.C. helps businesses create happy workplaces by addressing office tension. We also help spouses and business owners separate respectfully.

Genesis Fisher is the founder and Principal Attorney of Fisher Law. Genesis gets people talking so they can share their frustrations, address differences and repair trust. She is an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney. Read Her Story »


"She's amazing!! Genesis was thoughtful, thorough, and timely, with an extremely sensitive topic. She showed great compassion and flexibility with what was requested of her and went above and beyond with her services."

Executive Board Member

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Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training

Mediation is a confidential process where people come together with a facilitator to discuss their differences. Our approach to mediation places an emphasis on individual empowerment, recognition and empathy for the other’s point of view, and self-determination about the terms of any agreement.

Coaching is a one-on-one process to help you express your story, analyze your situation from multiple perspectives, understand why the conflict has such a deep, personal impact, identify how you want to move forward, and develop specific skills to get there.

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Divorces and Separation Agreements

  • We work collaboratively to create mutually beneficial agreements. When the collaborative approach fails, we have the courtroom and trial experience to pursue all of your options.

Co-Founder Agreements

  • People form startups with friends, former classmates, and family. But many fail to discuss difficult topics, like whether the partners are truly equal. By creating a co-agreement, entreprenuers articulate their expectations for each other and their vision for how the company will grow.

To give back to the community, Genesis Fisher gives talks to high school and college students about conflict resolution and the criminal justice system/how to interact with the police.

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Genesis is literally the first person EVER that made me feel I was 100% percent listened to! Years of dealing with lawyers, psychologists, therapists etc. and telling my story of my journey to save my child, left me drained, frustrated…Genesis' gentleness and presence really meant something to me.”

—Darryl, Coaching client

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